Membership Data Has Never Been So Simple

Most Association Management platforms make you choose between having a powerful financial system or an effortless membership process. We believe that the financial impact should serve as the foundation for management of any organization without compromising member experience. This is how MemberPlex was born, to help you make better decisions for your organization.

Membership Data Has Never Been So Simple

Be Where The World Is Going

  • Invest in a scalable, customizable solution to serve your organization today and tomorrow
  • Leverage an industry-leading financial solution
  • Keep all key data in one place and deliver more value through a single fully integrated platform
  • Enjoy the freedom to choose and integrate with third-party systems
  • Gain key data insight through robust reporting capabilities and customize data on role-basis
  • Simplify membership lifecycle with automated billing
  • Delight your members with an easy-to-use member portal for managing personal information, interests, committees, membership, orders, and more!

Discover how to easily manage key membership activities, refine the member journey, and maximize dues and non-dues revenue.


Your mission is our main focus. MemberPlex makes sure that all key reporting can be found at your fingertips and managing donations, grants, and pledges is easier than ever.

Educational Institutes

Quickly set up your catalog and start collecting registrations & payments for your events and sessions. Stream content, track attendance, award certificates, run surveys and exams, and more!

EVENTS EDUCATION MEMBERSHIP E-COMMERCE MARKETING FOUNDATION Keep all of your association data in one place. Unified Data Model


MemberPlex is built within a proven technology platform used by 15,000 different types of businesses around the world. The system is focused on providing real time financial data to help association executives make quick decisions, and have access to a large ecosystem of other ancillary applications to meet the business needs.


Whether working from the office or working from home, using NetSuite is secure, fast and simple


With built-in audit trails and automatic posting of transactions, NetSuite is your source of truth when it comes to your financials


Extend native NetSuite capabilities with tools such as SuiteBuilder and SuiteScript to further automate your business operations


MemberPlex keeps all key data in one place but gives you the freedom to choose and integrate with third-party systems. There are a number of integrations available to create a full user journey complementing your organization, just the way you want it. Here is a list of select key integrations available with the system:

  • Salesforce
  • Shopify
  • Cvent
  • Higher Logic
  • Aura eStore

Not seeing the application you are looking to integrate with?

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Customer Management
  • Store all of your essential CRM-related customer data in a single place such as on-going subscriptions, donations/pledges, biographical information and related transactions
  • Leverage our custom-built reports and searches to send personalized marketing messages to your customers such as newsletters or notices for new events
  • Govern your internal committees with yearly terms, member lists and NetSuite’s native meetings functionality to store notes and files. Process nominations and approvals
  • Enroll new members and renew members in bulk with a single click of the button by utilizing NetSuite’s SuiteBilling module and Aura’s custom developed scripts
  • Revenue recognition entries are created automatically for every new membership through NetSuite’s ARM module
  • Deliver member-based pricing for items such as events and journal subscriptions
  • Simplify membership renewal process with auto-renewals, grace period and self-registration options
  • Manage new events with information such as sponsorship, sessions, remaining seats, speakers and customer attendance
  • Oversee event registrations generated by external event management systems and those created directly in NetSuite
  • Grant your customers’ continuing education credits and track their progress through our custom processes
  • Run campaigns and pledges to increase donations to your organization
  • Use our fundraising web application to allow for single and recurring donations to multiple fundraising accounts and campaigns

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